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Though heavily metrics-drive, no satisfaction metrics had ever been measured on an ongoing basis at my company. I proposed using NPS (Net Promoter Score), which asks "How likely are you to recommend this company to a friend or family?" This metric would allow us to identify which products were providing a lower satisfaction rate, along with supporting reasons for that metric. Some were concerned we would experience an increase in churn by sending the email, but I was allowed to run a test on a small percentage of our users.

The process:

I wasn't given a budget for this test, but was given an excited Lifecycle Marketing team as a resource, as well as our Salesforce engineer. We hacked together a test in Marketo and Salesforce, and drafted an email to send to users who had performed certain actions on the site (image 1). The data was then populated in Marketo, and I was able to pull, analyze and report on it each week.


A fully-fledged NPS program that is expanding to the 'white glove' experience outlined below in v2 (image 2) to further increase lifetime value.


While monitoring churn rates, we soon discovered that not only were the effects positive, but the lifetime value of those users were increasing. Over the course of the next few months, we rolled out the NPS program to 100% of our users.

   Image 1 - NPS workflow


Image 1 - NPS workflow

   Image 2 - NPS email


Image 2 - NPS email