UX researcher


After a user creates a legal document on Rocket Lawyer, they have the option to interact with an attorney on it. This is called 'Ask a Lawyer'. A small percentage of users were using this feature, even though it's free with most memberships.


I conducted a series of customer interviews, think alouds and usability tests, exploring this flow (Image 1). I found that people who used the language "attorney review" to describe this feature were far more positive about the experience.

Along with the optimization team, we ran an A/B messaging test using that user-driven language to see if it would increase opt-in and completion rates (Image 2).


+477% opted into getting an attorney review over asking a lawyer, and +42% completed the attorney review process.


This shows the importance of talking to your users! Good heuristics in the form of using messaging that jives with your users will inevitably lead to more revenue and a better overall user experience.